Self-service banking

Implementation of the latest achievements of information and telecommunication technologies in information banking systems caused application of modern payment systems, such as self-service banking (ATMs, mobile phones, on-line, off-line, self-service counters), the Internet and mobile telephony.
Integrity solutions offered Energodata – different models of ATMs, through a universal software for ATMs, a solution for monitoring and managing cash in ATMs has enabled our customers a complete self-service banking service, which reduces their costs and significantly increases the profitability of the services provided and services.

The basic offer is based on:

  • Selling or renting ATM
  • Replace existing software on ATMs
  • Monitoring ATMs with functional hardware and software maintenance
  • Managing money in ATM network

Over 1,000 installed ATMs

and more than 10 banks with whom we cooperate successfully confirming our quality and capacity.

A soft multi-vendor ATM application is certified for NCR, Wincor Nixdorf and Diebold models. Developed on the XFS platform allowing its independence from the manufacturer (the same ATM applications for NCR, Wincor Nixdorf, Diebold ATMs and other models whose hardware is compliant with Wosa / XFS standard)

Energodata offers two brands ATM – Wincor Nixdorf and Diebold, as models “through the wall” and the models in the lobby embodiment. In addition to traditional sales model while maintaining (HW and SW ATMs) in the warranty and post-warranty period, we offer a rental model of ATMs in which the bank pays a monthly rent of ATMs provided by Energodata.

PIN Guard is a solution for the growing problem of theft of PIN at ATMs. Uses a very simple but effective way of protection, blocking viewing angle keyboard practically only to the user, which in turn prevents theft by using spy cameras.

They are intended to affect the operation of devices used for unauthorized copying data from the magnetic stripe payment cards. ASE NG detect entry and exit of the card and provides data security of the card, generating electromagnetic field in the zone of the “mouth” of the card reader, so any skimmer device becomes useless. It is almost impossible to copy data from the cards used in the ATM that has installed ASE NG.