Graphics and multimedia

Within Energodata operates modern equipment sector for graphic and multimedia services. This is also one of our activities, which successfully expanded from the internal framework of Energoprojekt into the external market. This sector now provides a truly rare and significant advantage, which is that all the services and answers to your requests quickly and efficiently you can get in only one place, thus saving substantial valuable time, energy and money.
As they say – from idea to realization of any graphic and multimedia services. In particular, we are equipped and specialized to large graphic projects and tasks related to digital printing and finishing of project documentation, scanning and archiving materials.

We take care of the entire archives of companies and converting it into electronic files are available, which is easy to manage.

In addition, we offer specific and highly specialized experience and equipment to implement: graphic design, prepress, digital, offset and pad printing. There are also absolutely all bookbinding services as well as services multimedia CD and DVD productions, visual identification and marking of buildings, production of promotional business gifts, rent billboard space… Today, some of the most successful domestic companies are entrusted Energodata care of their visual identity.

Multimedia production (scanning and data center)

We own a modern scanning center (scanning of documents, books, projects of all formats both color and black and white …) additionally we have the possibility for rapid burning a large number of CD / DVD media with accompanying printed wrappers and stickers.

Reduce the amount of documentation that you keep in paper form, make it more accessible and easier to access, free up your workspace.

We can offer you:

• Multimedia CD / DVD editions
• Archiving of documents (scanning and your document OCR) – transfer of paper documents into electronic
• All types of multimedia presentations

All services design brochures, flyers, pamphlets, book covers, as well as services logo-design, design, letterheads and appropriate test patterns, test Video Digital Printing.

The visual identity:
Design or redesign logos, defining corporate colors, fonts, size print …

Designing business accessories:
Business cards, letterheads, envelopes, folders…

Advertising campaign:
Billboards, magazines, advertising flyers, slogan, website…

Designing for advertisement:
Calendars, greeting cards, gifts and similar “little things” are the mirror of your company

Recorded in a format suitable for printing in any printing shop

The path from idea to print, a nightmare full of uncertainty. Basically what you imagine the press coming from completely different. The causes lie in the complex process of realization with many points of risk: preparation, filming, mounting plates and development, adjustment, finishing…

Digital Print, as a revolutionary technology, designed to fully protect and facilitate the process of printing errors. Preparing the computer instead of going straight into filming a machine that throws in a few minutes first impression. Upon certification of the first impression, the client is able to promptly obtain printed copies. DIGITAL printing is the ideal solution for any printed material that needs to be implemented immediately and najkvalitnije.

• Color and black and white printing
• Solvent printing (mesh canvas, pvc, window graphics…)
• Plotting (Acad) and a copy of a width of 1067mm
• Scan (from A4 to A0 color and black and white)
• Creating images of documents with digital camera
• Business cards
• Flyers, posters
• CD and other labels
• Folders, letterheads, identification badges

Media used for print:
• Kunstdruck – Fedrigoni
• Self-adhesive paper – mouflon
• InkJET glossy
• Organ
• PVC film, mesh cloth, sheet …

Dressing and bookbinding services:
• Plastic and metal spiral
• Pressboard (hardcover)
• Gold embossed and silver print
• Variable numbering

Digital and screen printing in combination with the plotter and laser technologies, plastic, lexan, aluminum, gravoplejom, Plexiglass, illuminated boxes and other materials give us the opportunity to offer you a really making a wide range of productsfor marking objects. When we say labeling objects, we mean all types of buildings, cars will be buses, trucks, cranes and othermachinery, glass surfaces (windows and windows), and the construction of structures with the aim of informing or advertising(billboard billboards, road signs, signs ).


In addition:


• Light ads

Name plates and tiles

• Guidelines and portals

• Exterior and interior Informatics

• Laser engraving and sign making

• Roll-up banners and standing classic banners

• Road signs and flags

• Branding and labeling of vehicles

• Covering the facade or scaffolding mesh and canvas ciradnim

  • Exclusive locationin Bulevar, opposite the Palace “Serbia” where are organized festive receptions highest foreign state delegations.
  • Oneof the busiest roads in Belgrade, which passes a day over tens of thousands of vehicles.
  • The possibility of rentingthe 120 m lighted billboards (30 billboards in a row)