Many years of cooperation with leading DMS vendors and vast experience in the implementation of their products make Energodata leader in the field of document management.

DMS – Document Flow and Management in the company, is an area that we control and whose services successfully perform. The application of DMS technology, in addition to competitive advantage, Energodata its customers with faster flow of information, records faster, more security and savings in resources. With the use of DMS technology business management is more efficient that forms the basis for greater profitability. Energodata’s DMS system provides import and storage of electronic documents, import and recognize text and barcodes from paper documents, add index marks, remarks, comments, handwritten label and sign almost any document format. Is enabled and data exchange with documents from other business applications. All this is accompanied by increased data security, as a result of losses, as well as against unauthorized access.

Energodata offers the implementation of all the most important DMS segments:

  • management of paper documents by converting them into a digital format (scanning and OCR) and indexing
  • faster document search
  • access and ease of use created, scanned and faxed documents

Many years of cooperation with leading DMS vendors and vast experience in the implementation of their products, as well as customizing DMS solutions to customers, ensuring customer satisfaction and make a good recommendation.

ABBYY is a tool for optical character recognition (OCR), either manually or machine filled. The line of products includes ABBYY FlexiCapture and RecognitionServer that are ideal for banks, government institutions, insurance companies, telecommunication companies and public administration (municipalities), postal and other public entities. In short, ABBYY solutions can be used wherever it is necessary to mechanically or manually completed forms and transfer forms at the base of Information Technology. The ideal product for all companies that continue to do business with the documents in paper form and would like to automate this process and digitize.