Partnership with CyberGate

According to the top software solutions standards of  leading manufactures (IBM, CA Technologies, Palo Alto Networks, Symantec, Panda Security, Cohesity, etc.) CyberGate Defense EU expertise is recognized as an ideal business solution of Energodata and Energoprojekt Holding group in the field of IT security.
Energoprojekt Energodata and CyberGate Defense are making a step forward in creating new values in the market through their partnership by offering services and products in cooperation with the world’s IT giants.

With a strategy of narrow expertise, EU CyberGate Defense makes IT security one of its main activities, along with system integration and consulting services.
This background allows us to structure a comprehensive and always up-to-date offers that encompasses the full range of IT security, IDM and access management powerful authentication, including biometric recognition, encryption to tokenization, data protection and data loss prevention, network security, application and mobile security, security analytics and SIEM, cyber security, security assessment (VA / PT), advices on management, risks and complex regulations, with special reference to ZZPL.

Identity Management is a system that enables centralized management of user identities throughout their life, and provides easy and secure access to applications and data.  Identity Management system contains a wide range of functions for identity management and access rights, which allow easy “boarding” and “unloading” of users and managing requests for access to different types of resources, while automating the process of identity reconciliation. Identity Management system is an indisputable tool for organizing identity data in a system of collective and unique business roles within business processes.

What do we offer?

  • Centralized management and control of user identities, roles and policies, both for local resources and for cloud resources
  • Prevention of inconsistencies in user identity management (reservations, double rights, dual identity, etc.)
  • Independent submission of requests for users and issuing access permits, without the involvement of other services
  • Independently manage your own identity attributes, “reset” your password and submit requests for access to resources and/or revoke access
  • We provide users with unambiguous access to resources based on given roles
  • Effective implementation and control of targeted access to resources
  • Automate the process of providing, removing and approving orders
  • Automate access rights customization

Web Access Management system is the “key” to enabling online business that provides security risk limitation and control. The WAM system protects and controls access to web applications, records user activities by providing an unique login experience for any user, including employees, partners, customers, but also for system administrators.

What do we offer?

  • Providing access control to applications on web platforms
  • Improving the user experience, providing secure and unified access to the network and services
  • Consistent and centralized security management
  • Support for the application of open standards that allows access to the cloud, partner or internal applications.

Advanced Authentication is a solution for improving security and authentication. Its primary role is to enable secure and irrefutable authentication using the following modules:

“Strong” module that enables “multifactor” authentication using at least two overlapping identification principles:
Something familiar – a password or other permanent entry derived from “knowledge”;
Something in possession – a device (hardware or software) that corresponds to the mechanism of generating a one-time code with a short shelf life (e.g. 30 seconds)

“Risk” module is a software solution for improving security and authentication that allows passive risk analysis during each authentication attempt using a series of tools through which the user’s identity is indisputably established, based on the intersection of known information about normal and logical user behavior

API Manager is a configurable software or hardware solution for optimization and improvement of security and services when using the API.

  • Provides the creation of a secure tunnel for data/information transfer between applications
  • Provides direct scalability, no downtime and source grouping, design and implementation of SOAP, REST and legacy web services using a visual interface
  • Enables integration with access control and identity management systems, creating a security plug-in that covers all types of transactions, increasing the usability of the API
  • Provides support for all mobile platforms

The PAM solution is designed to effectively protect sensitive administrator data, establish privileged access control, and proactively enforce security rules, while constantly monitoring and recording privileged user activities in virtual, physical, and cloud environments.

  • Control of privileged access to all resources, including cloud and mainframe
  • Centralized protection and management
  • Automatic detection and protection
  • Providing information on the activities of privileged users
  • Enabling security delegation through detailed granular access control
  • Remove hard-coded passwords from applications, scripts, and files
  • DevOps chain support
  • Realization of threat analysis with machine learning and automatic mitigation
  • Password management for application and flexible options applications

CDP is a unique software platform for consolidating data and applications, including basic and backup data, files, and all other digital forms of information. DataPlatform modernizes and simplifies data and application management by providing a fine-tuned solution for managing multiple work requirements and data access based on a single distributed SpanFS file system.

  • Flexible, resilient and measurable network features tested by the biggest users (Google)
  • “Cloud-ready” solution that ensures data and application mobility, implemented on the platforms of leading public cloud providers (Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform

Palo Alto Traps is a security software solution whose primary role is to protect client devices and prevent the execution of malicious software and commands aimed at compromising security.

  • Protection against information system compromise by inadvertent execution of malicious applications and system commands by users
  • Protection against information system compromise by external attackers using the full range of attack vectors
  • Comprehensive protection of the information system from current attack vectors using WildFireTM functionality
  • Detailed forensics and isolation of specific segments of the information system under investigation
  • Automatic protection against known attack vectors
  • Centralized administration of clients involved in the system as well as their security policies
  • Defining policies that can be tailored to the specific needs of the infrastructure
  • Forensics and quarantine of information systems that enable security categorization aimed at locating and isolating existing damage or threats

Security Operating Center (SOC) includes services for the design, production, installation and maintenance of security management of software products through a partner control room. SOC is a unique contact center designed and certified in accordance with ISO standards and best practices ITIL, COBIT and NIST for the provision of security services on the model of common service centers.

The main services within SOC are divided into the following categories:

  • Assistance and request management services
  • IT services and operations management services
  • Services for remote support and management of security platform (IAM SIEM) and client infrastructure
  • CSIRT services