BPM solutions enable rapid process improvement, business innovation and agility in order to eliminate inefficiencies, reduce costs and increase productivity.

BPM is a professional discipline that focuses on improving corporate performance through the management and optimization of business processes. Therefore it can be called a system for process optimization.
In recent years the global trend is that the entire business or the business of a particular sector of the company is monitored with the help of tools for Business Process Management. A good tool allows to manage processes with complete flexibility for each system. It can begin with the implementation of a single process (eg. Call Centre, or production) then continue with developing of the entire system process that covers certain parts of the organization, or to move towards full transformation at all levels.

Energodata’s BPM solution monitors the various processes in the company, controls the operation of each stage of the process, indicates delays in the process and alert the user about it. With the help of BPM successfully follows the transition of each process, ie its transition from one state to the next. While taking into account of who has access and the right to perform certain transition ie. a certain part of work on the process. Each user in the waiting room (lobby) arrives just one part of the process over which is expected of them perform a part of the engagement in a row. Top management and the leaders of the project at any time, can be traced to the stage of process, something that slows its execution and what and who an individual is responsible for the successful execution of a specific process.

Our solution works in the service of the project leaders, that can quickly innovate, transform processes and optimize resources and investments to better manage business projects. With more complete and proven solution for process management, the project team can be more productive, and management will have transparency and visibility of the whole portfolio and will help to make important decisions.

More than ever, today are essential modern systems that can adapt to the needs of the organization and provide transparent connectivity within the organization and outside it.